We all love our pets. They're our companions– we share with them our lives and most intimate secrets. They have become symbols of emotional support and represent something cute and lovable; they're iconic to us.

My dear dog Luna loves hanging out at my studio. She climbs onto the couch and all I hear is her snoring while I paint. She's my sort of inspiration for this project, and absolutely the best company.

In my paintings, I recreate dogs without much description. I'm looking for something raw and bold to capture their essence. I limit drawing and use paint to do all the work. The texture comes from a messy surface, and color choices are always strong and dramatic. I try to achieve the most painterly look possible. My dog portraits are charged and have a unique energy that creates character despite destroying their standard anatomical form. My intention to create a visceral reaction with these paintings and to connect deeply with dog lovers. 

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