Via Commissions

I know you love your pet too! I would be delighted to create a portrait of your dog. I only need a few pictures of your furry buddy, preferably showing it's face close up. I would take one of the photos and create a portrait based on it. Please note, pictures are not going to be hyper-realistic. I intend to create an expressive, colorful painting of your dog. 

It would take me around ten days for the project to be completed, plus shipping time since oil paint takes at least a week to dry. I would send it via Fed-Ex or UPS Ground to any place in the USA, free of charge. I would also donate 10 percent of the profit to the ASPCA.

You can choose the size you would like the painting to be in, and we can agree on the price. The average is $550 for a 16x20 inches. It is such a great way to celebrate your pet with a decorative fine-art piece that would last a lifetime.

Contact me today, and please feel free to ask any questions. I am a flexible artist!

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